Transfer Barcelona Lloret de Mar

Located on the Costa Bravo, Lloret de Mar is the unofficial capital of the resort. The permanent population of the city is about 400 thousand people, but with the beginning of the tourist season, the number of inhabitants of Lloret de Mar at least doubles.

Transfer Barcelona Lloret de Mar

The transfer price includes toll and airport taxes! Free WIFI in cars

  • A toll road is included in the transfer cost to some destinations. As a rule, it is + 15 € on the Costa Dorada and + 7 € on the Costa Brava, as well as paying for the paid parking at the airport!

Barcelona Airport 1-4 pax 5-6 pax 7-8 pax
Lloret de Mar, Lloret de Mar 110 € 130 € 150 €
Important information when ordering a transfer!
  • In case of flight delays, you should send an SMS to +34664215130 or email. mail – so that we can adjust the delivery of the car.
  • The transfer price includes 1 hour and 20 minutes waiting at the airport.
  • In case of loss of luggage, delay at the exit – after landing, etc. for each additional hour of waiting + 30 €.
  • Upon arrival at bars, restaurants, shops to buy groceries – along the way + 20 € per hour of waiting.
  • For an additional fee, check-in for the keys to the apartment at the office of the real estate company is available
  • The cost of transfer at night from 22: 00-08: 00 plus 20% to the cost of the trip

The distance from Lloret de Mar to Barcelona is about 75 kilometers to the north-east, but the city itself is of great interest to tourists. Lloret de Mar has a developed infrastructure and a large number of attractions, a mild Mediterranean climate and, of course, legendary rocky beaches. However, lovers of warm white sand will not be disappointed either: the city beach is sandy for 1.5 km. Lloret de Mar is a great opportunity to experience Spanish culture without spending a lot of money (compared to expensive tours to Barcelona, ​​for example).

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Of course, on request Spain Lloret de Mar holidays today, you can find a lot of information on the net, but we offer you our own small overview, which will help if you are planning a vacation in Lloret de Mar and want to have a rough plan of action.

How to get there?

It all depends on where your plane arrives.
The most popular ways are transfer Barcelona – Lloret de Mar or Girona – Lloret de Mar. Trains, buses, taxis – transport links are well established here, so there should be no problems with how to cover the distance from Barcelona airport to Lloret de Mar.

Holidays in Lloret de Mar: Spain in all its glory!

Where to live?

One of the main advantages of Lloret de Mar is a large number of relatively inexpensive hotels, mostly three-star ones. They are located along the coastline, so you will have a beautiful view of the rocky Costa Bravo. If your budget is very modest, welcome to one of the hostels!

What to see?

In Lloret de Mar attractions you don’t have to look for a long time. The Marine Boulevard with a copy of the famous Kanaleti fountain, the legendary statue of the “Sailor’s Wife”, the Cementerio Modernista cemetery, ancient chapels and churches, the Maritime Museum with an extensive collection of exhibits telling about the history of the city – this is not a complete list of interesting places. In addition, you will certainly be interested in a variety of excursions from Lloret de Mar to Girona or Barcelona, ​​as well as to the nearby Water World water park. Prices for excursions to Lloret de Mar are quite affordable,