Transfer Barcelona Salou

Salou is the most popular resort in Spain, located 110 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. Here you can see hundreds of sights of this wonderful country, swim in the crystal clear sea and sunbathe under the pleasant rays of the Spanish sun. But, near you is Barcelona, ​​and, therefore, like any tourist in Salou, you simply must visit it.
Travel time on the Barcelona Salou route is 1 hour 10 minutes. On the way, the driver will answer all your questions about your stay in Salou.

The transfer price includes toll and airport taxes! Free WIFI in cars

  • A toll road is included in the transfer cost to some destinations. As a rule, it is + 15 € on the Costa Dorada and + 7 € on the Costa Brava, as well as paying for the paid parking at the airport!

Barcelona Airport 1-4 pax 5-6 pax 7-8 pax
Salou, Salou 132 € 152 € 172 €
Important information when ordering a transfer!
  • In case of flight delays, you should send an SMS to +34664215130 or email. mail – so that we can adjust the delivery of the car.
  • The transfer price includes 1 hour and 20 minutes waiting at the airport.
  • In case of loss of luggage, delay at the exit – after landing, etc. for each additional hour of waiting + 30 €.
  • Upon arrival at bars, restaurants, shops to buy groceries – along the way + 20 € per hour of waiting.
  • For an additional fee, check-in for the keys to the apartment at the office of the real estate company is available
  • The cost of transfer at night from 22: 00-08: 00 plus 20% to the cost of the trip

The route from Salou to Barcelona can be chosen from three options – train, bus and taxi. Each of the offered modes of transport has its own price categories, advantages and disadvantages, so you should first think carefully about what you want to get, maybe it would be easier for you to order a Barcelona Salou taxi ?

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We provide free internet during transfers!

Traveling by train

You can get from the resort town to Barcelona by train, this is one of the easiest ways, but at the same time, one of the most boring, since the railway does not cover any beautiful places and attractions on its way, which means that you you will simply miss.
The price of a train ticket varies in the region of 7-20 euros, only modern high-speed trains and electric trains with all the amenities go along the route.

Bus transfer

A bus trip for many tourists will seem one of the most comfortable, covering many interesting and picturesque places on its way, but there are several disadvantages:

  • Firstly, the bus runs every few hours, and if you decide to walk around Barcelona at night, you will only return home to Salou in the morning, because the last bus leaves at 22:00.
  • Secondly, this is not a tourist bus with a guide, you will not hear any guides or interesting stories, we can say that you will go in the most usual minibus.
  • Ticket prices and bus schedules vary depending on the season, therefore, it is not possible to name at least an approximate level, prices are constantly changing.

Taxi Salou

The most exciting, fast and fun way to get from Salou to Barcelona and also back (if needed) is taxi ride from Barcelona . Modern comfortable cars with english-speaking drivers