Frequently asked Questions

How to place an order

How to calculate departure time and fill in the box correctly?

If the car is ordered for a trip from the airport, the time of arrival according to the schedule is entered in the application (you can see it in the ticket). Even if there are changes in the schedule, the driver will be able to navigate and determine the delay period, having the initial data.
When placing an order for a trip to the airport, you need to calculate the time of calling the car in advance: subtract 3 hours from the hour of departure for registration and add the time required for the trip (it is indicated on the website page). For example, the departure is scheduled for 14-00, and the journey takes 1.5 hours – the car should be ordered at 9-30 in the morning.

How do I know if my order has been accepted?
After completing the application, a voucher will come to the e-mail address you specified in the contact details, a document confirming the fact of booking the car. The electronic document will contain the order number and travel information entered during checkout. Receiving an electronic voucher means that a car with a driver is reserved for you at the right date and time. If a confirmation email has not arrived, call or write managers and clarify the situation. [/ Spoiler]
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The return transfer price is the same as the direct one. When ordering a trip in both directions, the prepayment is doubled. Refusal of a return transfer provides for the return of an advance payment for it.
Example: direct transfer price – 150 euros, prepayment – 15 euros. A roundtrip transfer will cost 300 euros, of which 30 euros must be paid in advance on the website. The driver is paid 270 euros: 135 euros – after arrival at the place and 135 euros – after the return transfer. When moving long distances, a 50% prepayment to the driver for the return transfer is desirable.

How to quickly find the transfer you need?

In a special search form, select the start and route points and its end points (if they are not in the list, enter them manually). The result will be presented as a list of cars of different classes available on the desired route. Each car has a transfer price and a quick order button.

What to do if the flight number is not known at the time of ordering?

If the flight number is not known in advance, then indicate the city of departure in the corresponding field of the order. The order will be accepted and the taxi is pre-booked, and you will provide the flight number after it becomes known.

Is it possible to place a transfer order in a free form?

If as a result of the search it was not possible to find a transfer to the desired route or you want to place an order with non-standard conditions, please contact the managers on the website. For such an appeal, send a regular transfer request with a description of the features of the order or leave a message using the form for regular communication. In both cases, you need to specify all the details and wishes for the upcoming trip. Our experts will quickly find for you a suitable transfer option with the best conditions.

How long before the trip is it possible to book a transfer?

Transfer order is available at any time, but no later than 18 hours before the start of the trip. If less than 18 hours are left before departure – call the managers, by the phones indicated on the website – we will try to quickly find the right transfer.

How to fill in the address in the application correctly?

The address column indicates the name and address of the hotel (you can just name it) or the exact address of the planned place of residence. The correct address is indicated in the voucher of your hotel, from where it can be copied. If the exact address of the endpoint of the route is unknown, then be prepared to explain to the driver where to go. The transfer price includes your delivery to any point located within the city.

What to do if you can't find a transfer to the desired route?

To search for a transfer to the desired route, you must enter the start and end points of the route in electronic form, indicating the cities in which they are located. If there are no offers of ready-made transfers along the desired route, send an application for an individual transfer. The manager of our company will select a carrier for your route and send detailed information for approval to your e-mail.


Is there an additional charge for waiting time?

The driver has information on the number of the arriving flight, and he can know in advance about its delay. In this case, additional payment for waiting is not required, since the driver drives up for clients at the right time or waits at the agreed place if the delay is insignificant.

Does the cost of the transfer depend on the date (season) of the trip?

The transfer price does not depend on the date or season