Transfer to Blanes

The route from Blanes to Barcelona and from Barcelona airport to Blanes can be chosen from three options – train, bus and taxi. Each of the proposed modes of transport has its own price categories, advantages and disadvantages, therefore, you should first think carefully about what you want to get, it may be easier for you book a taxi Barcelona-Blanes ?

The transfer price includes: toll road and airport taxes! Child seats. Free WIFI in cars

  • The cost of the transfer includes drc., as well as the payment of paid parking at the airport!

Barcelona Airport 1-4 pax 5-7 pax 7-8 pax
Blanes 105 € 125 € 145 €
Important information when ordering a transfer!

  • In case of flight delays, you should send an SMS to (+34)664 215 130 or email. mail – so that we can adjust the delivery of the car.
  • The transfer price includes 1 hour and 20 minutes waiting at the airport.
  • In case of loss of luggage, delay at the exit – after landing, etc. for each additional hour of waiting + 30 €.
  • Upon arrival at bars, restaurants, shops to buy groceries – along the way + 20 € per hour of waiting.
  • For an additional fee, check-in for the keys to the apartment at the office of the real estate company is available
  • The cost of transfer at night from 22: 00-08: 00 plus 20% to the cost of the trip

Imagine: upon returning from vacation, you are asked about where you vacationed?

And you answer proudly: Blanes Spain. The attractions of this place are such that you can really be proud of your excellent choice!
But let’s first define the practical issues, and only then, with a light heart, we will move on to singing beauties. So:

Contacts Our phones
Spain – Whatsapp, Viber: +34 664 215 130
We provide free internet during transfers!

Tips on how to get to Blanes by different modes of transport.

How to get to Blanes from Barcelona
In the Spanish kingdom, in the province of Girona, lies the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Brava. The northern edge of the Costa Brava abuts the border with France. And the southernmost point of the coast is the city of Blanes.

It is located 60 km from the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona. This city is truly adored by tourists from all over the world; it has the largest international airport El Prat, which receives flights from almost any European country. And already from Barcelona airport to Blanes, you can get there in different ways.

El Prat is about 10 km from the center of Barcelona, ​​this short stretch can be traversed by regular bus connections.

Blue AEROBUS buses leave every 20 minutes and arrive at Plaza Catalunia. Travel time is 30 minutes.

You can get from Barcelona to Blanes by train, train or bus. All of these options are good enough – choose any:

  • Train or train leaves from Barcelona-Sants train station. The distance is about 65 km. Travel time is about 1.5 hours.
Как добраться в Бланес из Жироны

Barcelona Blanes train

A train ticket can be bought in advance at the official website of the Renfe company. By train – only at the ticket office or at the machine directly at the station.
It is likely that you will prefer to travel by train: the ticket costs a little less, and in terms of comfort it is not inferior to a regional train. If so, look for the Blanes / Macanet-Massanes commuter train, line R1.

If trains in Spain have pushed aside aviation in domestic passenger transportation, then buses are a real competitor to trains. This is what we mean by the fact that the transfer Barcelona-Blanes can be done in the most wonderful way with the help of a bus service. Namely: not far from the station. The Arc de Triomf metro is the Barcelona Nord bus station, from where a bus leaves at least twice a day to Blanes.

And finally, the question: Barcelona-Blanes how to get has, though not the cheapest, but the fastest and most carefree solution. You can postpone your visit to Barcelona as such until you are free of luggage. And from the airport it is possible directly, bypassing Barcelona, ​​to get to Blanes by taxi .

TERRALONA VIP will help organize such a service.

A short Russian-Spanish phrasebook

Do not rely too much on English, in Spain there are situations when it is not useful. But even if we’re wrong, knowing a few basic words in Spanish won’t hurt you; on the contrary, it will win over any local resident.

The good thing about Spanish is that all letters are read as they are written. The only exception is that the letter H (h) is not readable at all.

English Spanish
Good afternoon! (spoken after lunch) Buenas tardes!
Good afternoon! (spoken before lunch) Buenas dias!
I don’t understand No comprendo
Yes Si
No No
Thanks Gracias
Please Porfavor
How to get / get to … Por donde se va a…?
Where is … Donde esta?
Railway train station La estacion de trenes
Bus station La estacion de autobuses
Tourist Office La oficina de turismo
How much do I owe you? Cuanto le debo?
Take me to the hotel … Llevame al hotel…